Companies providing consumer products or components all have a significant responsibility to supply a safe, working and quality product into the marketplace.

Product Recalls are often in the headlines, particularly in the automotive components and consumer products arena, and have the real potential not only to ruin a brand’s reputation, but to significantly impact the balance sheet as well.

Most customers understand mistakes can occur even in the most conscientious and professionally managed organisations.

Research repeatedly shows the companies which command the deepest customer loyalty are those that, in such circumstances, are able to respond quickly, with empathy, honesty and responsibly.

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Whilst the Recall risk has always existed, in today’s world, where supply contracts in particular have become ever more demanding, the costs associated with dealing with a Product Recall, either directly or indirectly, can be huge.

We believe every prudent manufacturer should confront the risk posed by a Product Recall and manage it as far as they are able.

This is the reason that Apollo Syndicate 1969 is offering a specific insurance product designed to provide Critical Balance Sheet Protection cover for many of the costs associated with a Product Failure or a Product Recall.

We also offer a restaurant contamination product which we would be pleased to discuss.

Such a policy not only facilitates a smoother and more timely route to recovery, but can also ensure an organisation has the means and support to defend itself, should that be required.

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