Apollo is committed to a long-term sustainable approach to protecting the environment, balancing environmental considerations and social responsibility with our overall business goals.

We recognise that there is a period of change in shaping the underwriting and investment portfolios in line with our clients as the global economy transitions to a low carbon economy. Through our managed syndicates, we will work with our clients to achieve an orderly transition.

We look for effective ways to minimise our impact on the environment, monitoring and analysing our operations and facilities to help us determine how we can be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We conduct operations in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Apollo staff continue to identify and implement measures to reduce waste, increase recycling, and conserve natural resources. Conduct assessments with utility providers and outsourced service providers to better understand and consider our environmental impact through our supply chain.

Our Corporate Responsibility Position

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are of significant importance to Apollo and its managed syndicates, and are incorporated throughout the company’s operations, underwriting, and investment activities.

We undertake our ESG responsibilities through five areas of focus as these reflect the interconnected nature of ESG considerations. These help us to maximise the positive impact that we can have upon society and our environment:

Managing Environmental and social impacts
Sustainable Underwriting and Responsible Investment
Operating a responsible and profitable business
Apollo People and Culture
Contribution to our communities

Apollo and its managed syndicates will be socially responsible Underwriters and Investors. Apollo teams are focussed upon efforts that will help clients and partners to transition to a low carbon sustainable economy

We will undertake positive actions with respect to sustainability initiatives, and as a minimum we will follow Lloyd’s sustainability guidelines for underwriting and equal opportunities.

Apollo has established a Social Responsibility and Impact (SRI) Group that coordinates sustainability and ESG activities and plans across the Managing Agency and all managed syndicates, including our strategic partner syndicates.

The SRI Group is sponsored at Board level and lead by senior executives and representatives throughout the business. We have the ambition to work towards ensuring that the Apollo operations will be carbon neutral by the end of 2023

Our Inclusion Statement

Apollo is committed to building a truly inclusive and diverse organisation.

We want to become a recognised employer of choice made up of, and welcoming to, people with a wide range of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectivesWe will do this by:

Embedding inclusive practices into every stage of our recruitment processes
Actively embracing flexible and agile working
Empowering and developing our employees to reach their full career potential
Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all our employees
Partnering with external experts and networks such as the Inclusion@Lloyd’s Partner Networks, EIDA (the Employers initiative on Domestic Abuse) and SEO London

We commit to giving back to society and to continually challenge ourselves to be the best and most inclusive organisation we can be.